About us

We founded Whiterail in 2011 with the vision of building an automated platform that could harness the untapped power of happy customers to write positive online reviews for towing companies.

At the time we realized that advertising simply didn’t work anymore. . . At least not like it used to. Speed’s Towing in Portland, Oregon says is better than we can. “Business today is about pull marketing and not push marketing. It’s about building your credibility through customer reviews online to tell people what they want to know so they can buy from you.”

This is why we set to work to build a software system that makes getting online reviews super easy. It makes reputation management simple and effortless with automated reporting, social sharing and the ability to integrate with almost any CRM, email system or social networking platform so that reviews just happen and you don’t have to lift a finger.

Quite simply while we are proud of what we have built, we are even prouder of the results we have achieved for our clients. Watch our demo now to see how Whiterail can help your business thrive.